Hat Patong (Patong Beach)

Hat Patong (Patong Beach)

Hat Patong (Patong Beach)

Hat Patong (Patong Beach)
Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand. This Beach is the most developed, most vibrant, most visited beach of Phuket that never fails to impress visitors. Located approximately 15 kilometers from the city, the beach has a wide range of accommodations and shopping arcades, and provides magnificent leisure activities and energetic night-time entertainment. It is a picture perfect postcard view of a 3-kilometer long white sandy beach that is perfect for swimming, lazing, and enjoying challenging water sports such as jet skiing, windsurfing snorkeling, sailing, and parasailing.

Patong is the most famous beach resort on Phuket. With its wide variety of activities and nightlife, Patong is an ideal place to party and play. By night the town has a bustling nightlife which includes literally hundreds of restaurants, chic lounge bars, beer bars and of course discos. The nightlife is centred around Soi Bangla (Bangla Road) however there are quiet parts of town.

Visitors hoping for a glimpse into the exotic East might not find it here, though the steaming hot streets, neon lights and chaotic atmosphere of Patong can be overwhelming for the new arrival. The key to full enjoyment of the place is to pace yourself, drink lots of water and learn the meaning of ‘mai pen rai’ – which translates roughly to ‘It doesn’t matter’ or ‘Don’t worry, be happy’.

Patong beach banana boat Patong beach
The following places offer enjoyable activities:
Phuket Water Ski Cableways: Tel: 0 7620 2525-7
Simon Cabaret: Tel: 0 7634 2011-5
Tarzans Jungle Bungy Jump: Tel: 0 7632 1351
Tazans Catapult Bungy: Tel: 0 1464 1581
Patong Go-kart Speedway: Tel: 0 7632 1949
Phuket Joyland: Tel: 0 7620 3005
Horror House: Tel: 0 7629 3123
In addition, Patong offers gastronomical delights for seafood lovers. There are plenty of good restaurants located along the beach.
Phuket has undergone a period of transformation in recent years. Some area’s once notorious nightlife has been tamed somewhat to make it friendlier to women, couples and families and Phuket now has something for everyone. That’s not to say that you can’t find some wild action anymore – you certainly can – but it does mean that a much wider variety of entertainment options exist to make your nights in Phuket as much fun as your days.
Patong beach Phuket Thailand Town provides a more local scene with music pubs like Timber Rock and Jammin’ offering good live rock ‘n’ roll and Thai food. An interesting alternative are the Thai-style “coffee shops” – nightclubs where ladies in fancy dresses take turns singing Thai songs while customers eat, drink and, occasionally, entice singers to join them at their tables.
Patong Beach is one of the magnificent beaches in Phuket with stunning white sand and clear azure green water that stretches for about 3 kilometers.

During high season, the coastline is crowded with lots of tourists, swarming umbrellas, sun beds and deck chairs.

No other place in the Island can compete with the remarkable number of beach goers in Patong.

The place is packed with a lot of food vendors and stalls selling beachwear and other beach items, too.

This district is always on the go day and night, a popular place for families, party goers, and majority of vacationers.

Hat Patong (Patong Beach) Phuket

Hat Patong (Patong Beach) Phuket

Patong BeachVarious activities can be done in Patong Beach. This beach is a favorite spot of tourists who want to work out their tan by soaking up to the sun. Sun beds, umbrellas, and deck chairs can be rented anywhere in the beach.

Sun beds usually cost 180-200 Baht while prices of beach chairs with umbrellas start at 160 Baht. Beach volleyball is a fun inland activity that may be of interest to sunbathers, too.

Hat Patong (Patong Beach) Phuket, Thailand

Other fun activities in the beach include swimming, banana boating, and a relaxing Thai massage. Swimming is fantastic here with a clear visibility in the northern end of the emerald water and a warm water temperature that may normally range from 27-29 degrees Celsius.

Banana boating is another fun activity that you may want to engage with together with your friends or family.

Price for the rent of a banana boat is 300 Baht. A Thai massage along with a manicure or pedicure may also complement a soothing experience while on the shoreline.

A massage for an hour may cost about 200-300 Baht.

Patong beach Phuket Thailand Water activities are also in demand in Patong Beach such as jet skiing, parasailing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, snorkeling, sailing, windsurfing, and scuba diving. Lots of boat operators offer their boats and equipment for rent.

Price of renting a jet ski with life vest may cost you 1,000 Baht.

An exciting parachute ride or parasailing costs 700 baht but this type of activity isn’t advisable during windy weather. You might want to try water skiing or wakeboarding, too.

windsurfing Patong beach Phuket Thailand Water skiing and wake boarding are water sports activities wherein an enthusiast is pulled behind a motor boat or cable ski installation on a body of water.

Prices for these types of sports may cost around 700 Baht for 15 minutes.

Sailing is a pleasurable activity to do with family and friends while in Phuket. In Patong, small catamarans and speedboats are for rent through small boat operators and some hotels also offer sailing and yachting tours.

Renting a yacht for a day may cost around 12,000 Baht. And while onboard, fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving are great leisure interests to fully enjoy a whole day of sailing or yachting.

Cost of scuba diving equipment is at least 600 Baht. There are lots of tour agents within Phuket who offer 2-3 days of sailing and yachting while doing several water activities. Island hopping to some of the closest islands in Patong are also available through these tour agents.

Patong Beach Nightlife – Bangla Road – Phuket Thailand

Patong Beach Map

Patong Beach Map

Patong Beach Map

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